Our Menu

Roll Play is a fresh casual restaurant that’s reinvented the tradition of healthy and craveable traditional Viet cuisine. We take the vibrant flavors and make it easy, customizable and convenient.


Why the Focus on Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients?

Inflammation is a root cause of many chronic diseases. While Omega-6 fatty acids, found in common seed oils like soybean, canola, and vegetable oils, are known to promote inflammation– Omega-3 fatty acids, abundant in salmon, offer potent anti-inflammatory benefits. At Roll Play, we’re embracing these insights to transform how we prepare our food.

Educating on the Costs of Health

99.9% of restaurants cook with seed oils because avocado oil is 3-4X more expensive. However, at Roll Play we prioritize your health which inspires our commitment to using pure avocado oil, which not only enhances the flavor and nutrient profile of our dishes but also aligns with our mission to provide “Viet Food that Loves You Too!”

Savor the Richness of our Seared Atlantic Salmon!

Dive into health. Elevate your meal with our new Seared Atlantic Salmon, cooked in avocado oil for a craveable, healthy boost.

Our Culinary Innovations

Seared Atlantic Salmon in Avocado Oil

Our newest protein, the seared Atlantic salmon, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is cooked in avocado oil to maximize both taste and health benefits.

New Cilantro Jalapeño Aioli

Complementing our salmon is the newly created Cilantro Jalapeño Aioli, made from scratch with using pure avocado oil and cage-free eggs, offering a vibrant, tangy kick that’s as healthful as it is craveable.

Upgraded Healthier Homemade Sauces

We’ve revamped our popular spreads such as Vietnamese Mayo and Sriracha Mayo, replacing traditional oils with avocado oil. These sauces are key ingredients in customer favorites like our Banh Mi and our beloved Spicy Oxtail Pho, reducing Omega-6 content and enhancing the health benefits.

My Journey Towards Balance

During my years exploring fitness and competing in bodybuilding competitions, I’ve experimented with a lot of different ways to get my nutrition. I know that everyone is on their own journey to find a balanced lifestyle while being a busy professional, I wanted to explore different options that might matter to you in your nutrition. 
I’d love to hear your thoughts! Whether you’re enjoying our new changes or see areas for improvement, please send us an email. Your support and feedback are invaluable to us and play a direct role in shaping our future offerings. With your encouragement, we’ll continue to expand our seed oil-free options!